Competitive Gaming

Traditionally the terms ‘athletes’ and ‘computer games’ sat on opposite ends of the spectrum. The sweaty, muscular titans of society sitting on one end, being cheered and adored by fans worldwide; while the typically pasty, overweight, or socially inept computer geeks sat [by themselves] at the other.

While this is probably still the most likely case, gamers much like myself are embracing the competitive side of video games.

Esports as they are called, are much like their real life counterparts. Competitions are held, prizes are offered and even corporate sponsorship is offered to the elite few. I’m not going to lie, video games are probably never going to get you the fame of people like Tiger Woods. Your also probably never going to be drooled over by males worldwide like Maria Sharapova. But nevertheless, esports give gamers worldwide a chance to prove their worth against their peers.

Sure. There are definitely critics.

‘Sitting on your arse pressing buttons isn’t sport,’ they say.

‘You have the physique of a pasty sloth,’ they might add.

But competitive gaming can, and should be classified as sport. Look, I’m not going to argue that gaming will ever make you hurt like the hardest 100 meter sprint of your life. I’m not going to liken it to lifting triple your body weight over your head. But hey. Competitive gaming does take skill, it does require teamwork, and it definitely requires practise.

I’m not going to be sweating like a marathon runner but hey, neither is a snooker player.


~ by outplayed on March 10, 2009.

One Response to “Competitive Gaming”

  1. Captured beautifully, opposing ends but ultimately strive for the same goal, success. Our differences and condescending nature towards society’s individuals who are inferior to the alpha male evoke such hatred towards those who are making a living of something that is deemed “recreational”.

    If it wasn’t for organized competitive gaming, I would still be out on the streets of black town getting into fights. Games channel my anger, instead of beating on geeks and stealing their lunch money on the streets, I now beat them online and steal their reputation. You could say that I, myself am transmuted.

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